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Ashta Mangala Prasna

Ashta Mangala Prasna at Vazhappully Temple lead by Kerala’s renowned astrologer Koottanad Ravunni Panicker. He was accompanied by Astrologers Madhu Sakthidharan, Kazhimbram & Edakkulam Kannan. Ashta Mangala Prasna at temple’s shall be done after every 10-12 years to find the present power of Diety.

Ashtamangala thamboola prasnam are usually held at the Temples temple to suggest corrective measures to the bad omens found there.

The rituals began with the rasi pooja at 8.30 am on According to the astrologers, the divine power of the Goddess Rajarajeswari is very strong to protect her devotees.

Astrologers also suggested few rituals to be carried out within a year

ravunni panicker

Ashta mangala Prasnam one of a branch of Vedic Astrology. Prasna is done to verify the divinity of the main deity of the temple. The meaning of Ashtamangala is  Eight - Ashta
Auspicious - Mangala
There are eight auspicious items used for this event which are ghee lamps, mirror (Valkannadi), Gold, Milk, Yogurt, Fruits, Holy book and White cloth.  ondition of each leaf.

ashta mangala prasnam girl
ashta mangala prasnam

Deva Prasna deals only with temple matters. Experienced astrologers will predict using indications based on the nature of the flame on the lamp, location of the lamp, number and quality of the betel (thamboola) leaves.

Photos of Ashta Mangala Prasna (105 photos)

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