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About the Astrologers

Astrological consultation provided to all devotees by Professional Indian Astrologers - .Traditional Astrologers will help you to find a Astrological solution to all your queries. Detailed reply to all your astrological questions about your Job, Business, Finance, Health, Love, Marriage, Kundali-Match, Infertility, Kids Education, Future, Present and Future Doshas, Obstacles and Enemies blocking your in your growth in business or career.
Remedial Pujas suggested to remove the Doshas affecting your life.
Phone consultation with Astrologer also provided
Fill up the form below to ask your questions to the Astrologer. All of your queries will be answered by individually by an astrologer through email /phone/web chat (within 24 hours)

We have a panel of Traditional astrologers who has been practicing Astrology over 20 years.  Traditional Astrologers are blessed with this knowledge from their ancestors since generations. .


How do I send Dakshina?

Manglik dosha remedies suggested by finding exact problems in your Horoscope by veteran Indian Astrologer. With over 20 years of professional experience, our astrologers has provided solutions to persons with Kuja dosha which is the main problem in getting married or creates problems in their married life.

Those who does not have Jatakam (horoscope) a detailed horoscope will be provided by Professional Astrologer. This horoscope is not computer generated. It will be handwritten manually by an astrologer himself. Horoscopes provided in English or Malayalam only.

Dosha Nivarana Santhi pujas suggested to remove all of your present problems facing in life. Navagraha Santhi Pooja and other Graha Santhi Poojas can be performed on request.

What is Manglik Dosha?

Kuja Dosha Remedies


Free service of Astrological consultation with detailed astrological reports & remedial solutions provided by Kerala’s professional traditional  astrologer  for all dosha related to business, love, marriage, job, pregnancy, childless couple, Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha etc through website online has been temporaily suspended due to increased requests. All are requested to submit a Dakshina to the Astrologer to get your reply

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