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Guruthi Puja

Guruthi Puja_7959About Guruthi Puja

Guruthi puja is considered as one of the “supreme” way of worshiping Goddess Rajarajeswari Devi. This is the most powerful puja to remove all obstacles and evil forces against one’s life.

Guruthi puja is done at night 9:00pm on the north side of the temple under “Pala maram” (Biological name - Alstonia scholaris).

Puja for Goddess Bhadrakali

Guruthi Puja_7956Goddess Rajarajeswari devi is having the combined powers of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Bhadrakali. This puja is for Goddess Bhadrakali which is the fierce form of Rajarajeswari devi. It is believed that when Goddess gets fierce she takes the form of Bhadrakali.

Goddess Bhadrakali  destroys all of the obstacles, demons and evil forces. Bhadrakali is born from the combined powers of Bhrahma, Vishnu & Shiva (Creation, preservation and destruction). Hence she is the Goddess of having the power of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Purpose of Guruthi Puja (Guruthi Tharpana)

Guruthi Tharpana puja at Vazhappully Temple has given miraculous results to all her devotees by gaining relief from problems related to health, marriage, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, fear, wealth, career, husband-wife related problems and other family issues.

Details of GuruthyPuja

Guruthi Puja_7977It is a hour long puja on a “Peedham” & a decorated Pala Maram (Alstonia scholaris) which is tied to a plantain tree and erected on the center of a 64 cornered frame made up of plantain tree ingredients on the floor. This pooja is accompanied by traditional drums (chenda).

The ritual includes “tharpana” of “Guruthi” (creamed mixture of Turmeric, slaked lime and other pooja ingredients) on the decorated frame and “Gandhakam” is sprinkled on fire to ward off evil-spirits during the course of puja.

Guruthi Puja Booking

Devotees are requested to make advance bookings for this puja. It requires seven days Vrutham before performing the puja. Contact us for Booking



Pictures of Guruthi Puja

Guruthi Puja_7964
Guruthi Puja_7911
Guruthi Puja_7955
Guruthi Puja_7981 Guruthi Puja_7947
Guruthi Puja_7912
Guruthi Puja_7983 Guruthi Puja_7953 Guruthi Puja_7966
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