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Mangalya Puja

About Mangalya Puja

Mangalya puja is offered by a devotee once in a year. This has to be repeated for 3 consecutive years. Mangalya pooja has been found very effective for removal of obstalces in getting married and to find a suitable life partner.

Prior booking is required to attend this pooja. Mangalya Pooja attendees must reach the temple on the assigned pooja day before 9:00am. The pooja will be over by 11 am.

How to attend Mangalya Pooja?

Please call Vazhappully Temple office 9947269249 / 04802839249 to check the availability of Mangalya Pooja date. You can also contact us through email at to make enquiries about this pooja.

Devotees should take atleast 3 days Vritham to attend the pooja

Procedures of Mangalya Pooja?

Before starting Mangalya Pooja, special poojas will be performed for Lord Ganapathi. This is to remove obstacles and any misfortunes for the devotees.

After Ganapathi Pooja, devotees will be instructed to assemble in front of the main diety "Goddess Rajarajeswari Devi", where Mangalya pooja is performed.

Chant special mantras loudly as instructed by the priest when the pooja is performed. This mantra will be given to all the attendees for chanting it 21 times daily morning after bath

Prasadam and Yantra after Mangalya Pooja

Energised Yantra along with Kumkum prasadam will be given to all devotees. Kumkum prasad has to be applied daily after the special mantra chant. Yantra can be tied using sacred thread on wrist, upper-arm, waist or can be used as a pendant.

Three year Pooja must be done for the fullfilment of Mangalya Pooja. This Puja can be continued even after getting married. Devotees who are not able to attend the pooja will get Kumkum prasadam by post

Other Offerings related to Mangalya Puja
Monthly Pournami Pooja

Further to the special pooja done for Ganapathi and Goddess Rajarajeswari Devi, there will be monthly special pooja on Pournami for all Mangalya pooja participants.

Yearly Ponkala for Goddess

It is found to be highly effective and auspicious by offering Ponkala to Goddess Rajarajeswari Devi every year on Makayiram star (Mrigashiras) in the month of Medam (April May)

Remove Marriage Obstacles

Mangalya puja removes obstacles in to get married and helps to find a suitable life partner

One Pooja in a Year

For the completeness - One Pooja in a year has to be repeated for 3 years without any break - even after marriage

Miraculous results

Devotees of Vazhappully Sree Rajarajeswari Devi Temple have got miraculous results in very short period

Relief from Marital Problems

Removes problems related to marriage, depression, anxiety, fear, husband-wife related problems

Devotees willing to attend the pooja are requested to contact the temple office.

Next Mangalya Pooja on : 28th Jan 2018 (Sunday)

Pooja Cost Rs. 500/- only

Contact us for Booking


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