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Makarappathu Maholsavam 2012

Makarapathu Maholsavam

Makarapathu Maholsavam is one of the popular and beautiful temple festival in Kerala. This festival is celebrated every year, on the 10th day, in the month of Makaram (end-January) as per the malayalam calendar.

Although all temple festivals have a huge influence on surrounding neighbourhoods, Makarapathu Maholsavam is celebrated by everyone in this region. This is one of the festival with huge gathering of people and elephants. The richly decorated elephants, as seen during the Makarapathu Maholsavam is very popular. On this day, 9 or more elephants pass through this temple ground.


The main attraction of the this festival are decorated elephants with their nettipattam (decorative headdress), beautifully crafted kolam, decorative bells and ornaments etc. Adding to the festive mood is the the panchavadyam, the rhythmic beating of the 5 types of drum, and what would be a cacophony otherwise is turned into an organized but spontaneous symphony.

The fireworks in the evening hours after “deeparadhana” on the same day adds more beauty by filling bright colors on the dark sky. On this day devotees are served with free food by the temple from breakfast to dinner. After dinner a grand cultural program by a famous group will be performed.
This festival day is a must watch and never to be missed in life time by all Goddess Rajarajeshwari’s devotees. Ample security and safety measures are arranged by temple administration to have a smooth functioning of the auspicious and colourful day.

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