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Sarpa Bali

Every year on Aayilyam star in the month of Midhunam, as per malayalam calendar. Sarpa bali is conducted in the temple premises. This special pooja gives relief from Sarpa Dosha and Dhristi Dosha. Usually this is held in the month of July.


What is Sarpabali?

Sarpa bali on  : 1st July 2014 @ 5pm
Done by : Brahmasri Madhavan Namboothiri from Pathirakunnath mana, Palakkad

Special Offerings on this day
Sarpabali : Rs.150/-
NoorumPalum : Rs. 100/-
Payasam : Rs. 60/-
Pushpanjali : Rs. 10/-

Devotees can contact us for offerings thru e-mail or phone. Donations can be forwarded to the details given here.

Sarpabali  is worshipping of God Nagaraja  on  the day of Ashlesha (Ayyilyam) star  to ward off the evil effects of Sarpa Dosha. Sarpabali helps to lessen and eliminate the problems of skin diseases. This puja also helps to search of  life partners find suitable spouses,  for progeny  (Putra Bhaagyam) and  for  the overall well being of all.
Sarpa Dosha can be there due to the harm done to snakes and other  reptiles  in  your past births or by your forefathers or due  to other causes. Sarpa dosha is often a reason for late marriages. Due to Sarpa dosha, marriages are delayed or ruined; Progeny may be denied; miscarriages, still births or defective children may also result.

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